“I will continue to stand with the people of the 189th District to oppose tax increases we cannot afford and secure real property tax relief.”

MONROE COUNTY, PA – State Representative Rosemary Brown (R-189) today announced that she will run for re-election in 2016.

“Serving the people of the 189th District and working together with them to reach our common goals on issues like property tax relief, education, and economic growth is an honor and a privilege,“ Brown said. “Although the process of government can be extremely frustrating, I ask for the people’s support to continue working for them and to meet the challenges we face.”

Brown filed nearly 1,000 signatures on her nominating petitions, well over three times as required by the state, and hundreds more than her probable opponent.

“The people of the 189th District know that I have lived here for almost 40 years, and that I share the same concerns they do. I am vested in the area, and care about everyone who lives here and their needs,” Brown commented. “I believe that is why I received more nominating signatures than ever before in the petition process, and have people of every political registration encouraging me to run.”

In Harrisburg, Brown has quickly become known as an outspoken advocate for property taxpayers. She voted for and has been a strong supporter of House Bill 76 which aims to eliminate school property taxes; supports fair public pension reform for newly hired state employees that will help improve the state’s credit rating and save taxpayers billions of dollars over the long-term; and, helped pass legislation that makes it harder for school districts to raise property taxes. Brown was also instrumental in forcing the legislature to appoint a bipartisan commission which has developed a new school funding formula that would treat local school districts more fairly with state funding; today, she continues to push for implementation of that new funding formula.

“Real property tax relief is absolutely vital to the people of the 189th District, which is why I have continued to work on numerous fronts to address this issue,” Brown stated. “Unfortunately, when the Governor’s administration instructed its top lieutenant in the state Senate to cast the deciding vote against property tax elimination, they proved they are out-of-touch with the needs of local residents in our community. Property tax reform is not a partisan issue, it’s an issue of the people of the 189th District.”

Brown has not focused solely on property taxes however, and has worked to protect local taxpayers by reducing government spending by focusing on priorities, reforming how the state borrows money to reduce debt, and opposing Governor Wolf’s massive tax and spending proposal – a proposal that includes a tax increase amount higher than all other 49 states combined saw in 2015.

“The working class families, seniors and small businesses in Monroe and Pike Counties have told me that they cannot afford broad-based tax increases, especially without property tax relief, and I will stand with them every day as their Representative,” Brown said. “I supported a fiscally responsible budget that increased education spending to record levels and provided significant funding for vital government programs, all while living within our means and with no new broad-based taxes.”

As the mother of three children, Brown understands the important role our education system plays for future generations, and is committed to supporting a system that provides children the best opportunity to succeed in life. That is why, throughout the negotiation process, every budget she has supported included record levels of state funding for education.

“I have voted time and again for budgets that provide record funding to schools so they can provide a quality education, but I know that making schools better is about more than just money,” Brown stated. “We need to provide greater flexibility and local control, as well as focus on the skills that will help prepare children for successful careers.”

Brown is also a strong advocate for financial literacy of students, and is working diligently on legislation and initiatives to ensure that as many students as possible receive coursework to help them develop critical, real-life financial skills.

Finally, Brown noted her reputation for independence and bipartisan cooperation in announcing her re-election bid, “I care deeply about the future of our community and know that the challenges we face aren’t Democrat or Republican. I will listen to – and work with – anyone willing to step forward and forge the compromises needed to help our community and our state.”

Brown grew up in the Poconos, graduated from East Stroudsburg High School, and earned a degree in communications from the University of Scranton. Before entering public service, she was a successful business management executive. She and her husband, Joe, are the proud parents of two daughters and one son.

The 189th Legislative District includes more than 60,000 residents and spans the municipalities of Barrett, Delaware, Hamilton, Lehman, Middle Smithfield, Porter, Ross, Smithfield and Stroud Townships, as well as Delaware Water Gap Borough in Monroe and Pike Counties.