Local Action

Rosemary Brown knows that being our Representative means more than just voting on legislation in Harrisburg, it means working with local residents to identify issues that matter to our community and then working for creative and effective ways to address them. Although the legislative process is lengthy and cumbersome, she continues to attack the issues she learns about daily through her work in the community or that we come to her with…

Protecting Residents in Home Owner Association Communities
Rosemary introduced legislation to help constituents living in a Home Owner Associations (HOAs) obtain enhanced protection of mediation and investigation for serious violations to the Planned Community Act, helping protect the rights of all residents.

Helping Private Dam Owners
Rosemary helped private dam owners by establishing legislation creating a low interest loan account for bond requirements and dam maintenance. This legislation assists dam owners to avoid excessive bond requirements of the Department of Environmental Protection that could have resulted in increased costs to the HOA and increased dues to private home owners.

Preparing Young Adults with Financial Literacy
After hearing too many stories of young adults who ended up in financial distress, Rosemary identified the need for stronger financial literacy skills among our community. She worked with local stakeholders and the Department of Education to create legislation that works toward providing as many students as possible real-life financial literacy skills they can utilize every day once they graduate high school. You will see Rosemary partnering with the North East Credit Union to offer financial literacy fairs to our high school seniors and college students. Rosemary have been a leader in building this initiative, which is now spreading across the state.